Sailing events in Europe

The best summer yachting and sailing events take place in Europe. Everyone in the world knows France because of the Eiffel Tower and because of Paris, croissants and the baguette, but it has also some pretty exciting and cool beaches and sailing zones. Italy, Croatia, Spain, Portugal and others also compete on the Mediterranean sailing scene.

Garaglia Rolex Cup takes place in three locations on the Italian coast. The contest begins in Sanremo, Italy, then the competitors take a 3 day long pause in Saint-Tropez, and it ends in Genoa, a small outpost near the coast of Corsica. Both amateur and professional sailors will be competitors in the Garaglia Rolex Cup, hoping to win trophies and Rolex watches.

One of the most important summer sporting events in the United Kingdom is the Cowes Week that takes place on the Isle of Wight. It is the largest sailing regatta in the world, with 40 races per day and more than 1.000 participating boats. But the real crowd is on the shores, where more than 100.000 people during the week come to watch the races. If you are ever in the United Kingdom during this competition, take a day and visit the Cowes Week, you will enjoy your time there.

A popular sailing competition in the world of professionals is the Superyacht Cup Palma. That is the longest running sailing regatta in Europe. It takes place on the Mallorca coastline where the weather is perfect for sailing and everything about the beaches and sea also. They make a whole show out of it. At least twenty of the most prestigious yachts in the world always attend the regatta and every year there are a few DJs that keep the crowd entertained.

Wherever you go this summer, check if there are any sailing regattas or competitions near you. If you go, we promise you will have the best time there!