We are delighted to sannounce that Crewsaver will be the main sponsor of the Nationals this year. They will be providing water bottles for all competitors as well as a variety of prizes. In addition there will be a raffle for a Crewsaver drysuit. Tickets will be £5 each. In return all boats will display Crewsaver logos on the bows of their boat.

This all comes in addition to the support already given by Harken, Kayospruce, Rain & Sun and, of course Sailracer provision of GPS trackers.

Don't forget to get in your entry prior to the 23rd of May, download and post off the form to Paul Taylor. This year promises to the best ever!!

Our thanks go to the Organsing Committee at Warsash SC for their efforts on behalf of the Blaze Class

This could be a useful Christmas present from your nearest and dearest! You can join via post - download the form using the 'Register and Join Now' drop down from the main menu, complete the form and post a cheque to Paul Taylor. You can use the 'Join Today' link and this will take you to the Paypal facility (there is a charge for this), complete the web form and make the relevant payment.

Membership is £20 and you can make a further payment of £20 towards your Nationals Entry - Warsash SC 6/7/8th June 2014. We do not issue membership cards, but you will need to be a member to compete in the National Travellers Series. Refer to the 2014 Membership section of the forum to check that your membership has been received. Do it now - you know it makes sense and support the Blaze Class.

All current members are invited to attend. Members may put specific motions to the meeting. These must be formally proposed and seconded and received by the Class Secretary no later than two weeks prior to the AGM. This will enable a postal ballot for non-attendees to take place. Any votes must be received by The Secretary no later than 7 days prior to the meeting. Email is acceptable for the postal ballot and members’ motions.( paulsailing51@gmail.com). Should any member, not attending the meeting requiring sight of the amended Constitution, should email the Secretary with their request. It is noted that the changes are minor and simply clarify some of the content.

She has the name FireStorm and comes equipped with two sails, all ropes, main centre rigged, adjustable forestay,carbon boom, rooster toe straps, under cover and top cover (slightly ripped). launching trolly and road trailer with mast holder. The boat is in good condition and has had many successful years of sailing. Performs well on lake and sea, with excellent trim. A Fantastic boat that has provided years of fun. A fast, thrilling fun boat which brings the excitement back into sailing.

Urticaria or dermatitis - how to tell the difference

There are quite a few differences between Urticaria, also known as Hives and Dermatitis which is also known as Eczema. Both the diseases fall under the dermatology specialty, and they have a frequency of 20-30% of the population around the world.

It's quite easy to differentiate Urticaria from dermatitis as you can find on http://oxyhives.org.uk/. There are many types of dermatitis, and the symptoms may vary according to the kind, but some common symptoms are skin inflammation, red skin, itchiness, rash, and blisters. In the case of Urticaria, however, you would notice a reddish skin rash and or some elevated itchy bumps. These can also sting or burn. The difference in Urticaria rush is that it is usually more intense and in some cases, the rash patches would move around.

Urticaria dermatitis

Urticaria usually lasts only a few days with only 5% cases lasting longer than six weeks, but unfortunately, it frequently recurs. The fact is not that different with dermatitis, but its recurrent rate is unknown.

Okay, so how do you prevent these diseases?

Unfortunately, the cause of both the two diseases is yet to be found. A general prevention method is to avoid exposing yourself to allergic substances. At the meantime, only treatment medications are available. For Urticaria, the best treatment is Oxyhives. This is an all-natural homeopathic solution usually taken as an oral spray. It effectively and efficiently helps to relieve Urticaria symptoms, primarily the burning, pain, itching, and swelling.

Other treatment methods are the use of antihistamines such as ranitidine and diphenhydramine. In the case of a severe condition leukotriene inhibitors or corticosteroids can be used. If the condition happens to exceed six weeks immunosuppressant like ciclosporin can be administered also. Staying in a cool environment can also help.

On the other hand, Dermatitis treatment methods vary according to the type. The most common are steroid creams and moisturizers. If there are signs of infection antibiotics can be used and to help to decrease night-time scratching, Antihistamines can be used.

Best sailing destinations in the world

Many people consider to be free only when they are on sea, because there are no barriers, mountains, no cars, concrete and no borders. To feel the fresh wind in your hair and the salt in the air is one of best things people can experience on this planet. All that you can get while sailing. It is one of the best ways to travel and, in the same time, to enjoy the sea. I don't know why do we search for water on other planets, when we have beautiful seas and oceans right here, on our beautiful planet Earth.

One of the most popular sailing destinations in the world is Thailand. They do not only have good food, but also amazing beaches and beautiful sea. It is a place for every person, whether you want to party and dance 'til the sun rises, or chill out, read a book and work on your tan. Although many people go to Thailand to sail, it has a huge sea space, so you will barely notice any other people. It is the right place if you love the feeling of being lost in the nature.

The Greek Islands offer you some unique sights, that can't be seen anywhere else. They are known to be the home of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Since there are about 6000 of them you will never be able to experience everything they have to offer. We highly recommend you to go and visit Greece.

One of the most romantic sailing destinations in our known universe is for sure the French Riviera. The architecture, people and atmosphere are so fantastic there, that you will want to stay forever. Since France is well known in the whole world, we will only add these words: Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo. Have a nice time in France, and don't forget to visit that small city on the north of the country that everyone is talking about lately, it's called Paris, I think, or something like that. The London world is also very close. New Zealand has more than 15.000 km of stunning coastline. A sailor doesn't need anything more. It is a huge paradise for anyone who loves the sea, nature and silence. Its landscape is one of the well known in the world, it truly looks like it's out of this world. The Lord of the Rings movies were made there.

Who would have thought that Zanzibar has one of the most beautiful offers for sailors. The water temperature during the whole year is about 27 °C. The traditional and comfortable boats called dhow offer you an unique way to experience sailing. And the sunsets - stunning. Zanzibar is the right sailing place for everyone, regardless of your experience.

Australia, Croatia, the Caribbean Islands, Montenegro, Spain, the British Virgin Islands and many other places in our beautiful world offer some breathtaking sights and incredible sailing opportunities. So don't wait too long, take you boat and your friends and go to one of these wonderful places. Enjoy your life, because it is the only one you will get.